Bed Bug Bite

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Bed bug bites are commonly the first thing that people notice once an infestation starts. Unfortunately studies have shown that about 35% of the population are nonreactive. In addition once you hit the age of 50+ that jumps to 50% of the population. There are some distinguishing marks on bed bug bites but for most people the reaction varies from person to person so it is very difficult to diagnose a bedbug infestation just by the markings on someone’s body. It is common to have three bites in a row or at right angles to each other. This is because the insect is probing for the right capillary or area to draw the most blood and will typically probe several areas. It is also very common to have bites on exposed skin. This is because the heat sensors that the insect uses finds the exposed area of the body that is not covered by a sheet pajamas etc.

I have spoken with clients that have actually mummified themselves leaving just their face exposed and that is where they’ve been bitten. There are some indications that you should pay attention to if you believe that you are getting bitten by bedbugs. First of all we do not wake up covered in bites in an early infestation. Bed bugs feed every several days. So in sleeping in your bed over the past several months and the you wake up one morning covered from head to toe with red marks it is probably not bed bugs. What a normal progression looks like from an early stage to a heavy infestation is a few bites appearing every 4 to 7 days. Eventually these will increase in number so that your bites will be appearing almost every day and this is because the population has increased and you’re being fed on by several bugs. Also it is important to note that a lot of times your bites are doing to appear on your torso and legs and arms and not necessarily your fingers and toes because you move these while you’re sleeping. The other thing to note is that it is common to people in the same bed for one be fed on more than the other and they will have more bites because their body temperature is higher. You have to remember that bed bugs are attracted to heat. So the person having the higher body temperature is typically the one that’s that upon more often. And don’t forget about that percentage of people that are nonreactive to the bed bug bite. So to recap you were out staying in a hotel recently, were staying at a friends house, or had someone come to visit that had bedbugs at their home and he started to wake up with mysterious bites, the windows are closed and screened, and you haven’t been outdoors a lot – it’s possible you might have bed bugs. Remember though that there are a lot of insects out there that bite not just bed bugs so the important thing is not to panic, inspect your bed carefully and it still concerned: a professional for a canine inspection for the most accurate results.

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