Bed Bug Bites Pictures

As you can see from the various bed bug bites pictures the reaction is different from person to person. It has been shown that approximately 30% of the population show no reaction to bed bug bites at all. At the age of 50 or older that increases to about 50% of the population which is why we are having such an issue in long-term care and elder homes. Typically you will find markings and bites on exposed areas of the body. This is because the heat sensors that the insect has allows them to target exposed skin because the heat signature is strongest from these areas. In many cases you will find them in a triangular pattern or a pattern of three bites in close proximity to each other. We call this the breakfast, lunch, and dinner marking but it is typically a bedbug probing with the best capillary to feed from. Feeding can run from 3 to 10 minutes and the insects will typically flush old digestive blood from the body leaving a black – like stain on sheets, pillows, blankets or the actual person.

Because of the difference in bite signatures it is very difficult to diagnose a bed bug infestation based on bites alone. We dissuade people from assuming that they have bedbugs just because they are waking up with bites. This is especially true if it is summertime because there are many insects that can cause irritations on people  including mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies etc. If you believe that you are getting bitten by bed bugs it is best to call in a professional or install climb – ups. This will help determine whether or not you actually have an issue or if the reaction that you are having something else within the environment.

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