Bed Bug Symptoms

Bedbug symptoms are varied from person to person and from location to location. In very clean and neat apartments or homes with white sheets and few hiding spaces the symptoms of bed bugs are easy to detect. Things that look like black spots but are actually black blood specks on pillows or sheets. The spots can also show up on light-colored furniture or wood. These spots can also show up around screw or nail holes. In a unit that has a lot of items it is much harder to detect the signs or symptoms of bed bugs. This is because there are just so many hiding spots.

The important to realize that these insects can fit into a crack that you can slide a single sheet of looseleaf paper into. So if you look around your home, your living room, your bedroom think of all the hiding spots that are available to these insects. In really heavy infestations there is a distinct acrid odor that is sourish in nature. But if you can smell them you are probably seeing them walking around as the populations are extremely high. As far as physical manifestations on the body it varies from person to person and can range from no marks whatsoever to huge swaths of rashes extending over a person’s body. This insect is extremely elusive. In most cases people don’t even know that they have a bedbug infestation until they’ve been around for about three months. This is do not only because they are very good at hiding but also the possibility is starting to rear its head that people do not develop a reaction until they been getting bitten for a period of time. Also it has been proven that some bites do not manifest themselves for several hours to several days after being fed upon. So all these together make it very difficult to describe and define what exact bed bug symptoms are. In some cases they are easy to detect because a bug manifests itself. But if you aren’t seeing any signs of insects and are just waking up with bites in the morning and it’s the middle of summer that can be almost anything. So the important thing to pay attention to is if there is a repetitive pattern of bites, if you’re getting black felt pen marks on your sheets and pillows, if you’re lying in bed in your feeling very itchy at night, all these signs may possibly point to an issue with bed bugs but again it might not be. If you believe that you have the symptoms and signs of bed bugs it is best to bring in a professional to do a very thorough inspection. We recommend using a canine because of their efficacy but a very good and detailed inspection may find it insect or may find further evidence that what you suspect is actually occurring.

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