Can You See Bed Bugs


Can you see bedbugs? The answer is simply yes. In their early stages of life they are very difficult to see because when they first Hatch and they have not fed yet they are translucent. After they fed they look like a small red dot about the size of the head of a pin moving about. As you can see in the diagram above they go through a process called gradual metamorphosis where they just increase in size but their shape does not change very much. Due to the fact that they are very cryptic in nature and they hide very well people seem to think that these insects are invisible. This is not the case. A full-size bed bug is about the size of a lady beetle just much more flat. They can hide almost anywhere in a very adept at squeezing into the tiniest of cracks and crevices. In fact it is common for us as we disassemble furniture to find these insects as well as their eggs tucked neatly behind the head of the screw. If you have any cracker crevice that you can slip a sheet of paper into a  bed bug can easily hide there. An adult once it has fed elongates 2 to 3 times its normal size as his abdomen expands like an accordion. So what was once a a roundish type of flat bug is now a circular elongated insect looking quite different because it is saturated itself with a full meal and gorging on blood. So the question really is and can you see bedbugs it is more like can you find bed bugs. They can’t run very quickly moving about 30 feet in six minutes or so, they can’t fly, and they don’t jump. What they do is hide and they are the best in the insect kingdom at doing this. This is why we employ dogs. Dogs are not visually inspecting their using their sense of smell to determine if there is an infestation present. This method is much more accurate basically because these insects do hide really really well.

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