Do Bed Bug Bites Itch?

Do bed bug bites itch? That is a common question and we find that in some cases people have a very severe allergic reaction to the bites and the bed bug bites itch terribly. But realize that about 30% of the population have no reaction whatsoever, not even a mark. So in those cases bedbug bites don’t itch.

So it really depends on the individual. I’ve been told that the bites that people receive can be incredibly itchy almost to the point of driving them mad.
In other cases people that were covered in bites said that there was no itch whatsoever. One thing that I find very common is that people state that the bites from bedbugs are very different than from those of mosquitoes or other insects. So much so that once you’ve dealt with an infestation you know almost immediately if you have a reinfestation at a later point in life.

The reaction to the bedbugs bite comes about from the anticoagulants and also the anesthetizing agent that the bedbug injects prior to feeding. This allows bedbug to feed freely because the host does not feel the bite. Some people have a very strong reaction which may result in an itch from the bite area. Some people may also develop a red bump and in some cases a rash. One of the interesting aspects of the bedbug bite and the resulting pitch is that it may not develop from anywhere from several hours to many days later. In fact in a lot of cases where we are called in to inspect places of employment because people believe that they are being bitten network we find that the infestation is actually at their home but the marks on their bodies are developing at work along with the itching that comes along with that. So because of the varied reactions to the bedbug it is hard to diagnose an infestation based on welts and itching. Again this is because a lot of people have no reaction whatsoever and even the reactions that people have very from one to the next. I have found that people that are very reactive to fleas, gnats, mosquitoes are also very reactive to bed bugs typically but not always.

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