Do bed bugs Fly?

Do bed bugs fly? NO- they do not fly. They can move 30 feet in about six minutes and have been shown to travel over 100 feet between their feeding site is you and their harborage area in some cases. We have had bedbugs fall from the ceiling onto a subject when all other means of access were sealed off. And this is done I believe purposely. We were once inspecting a unit up in Washington Heights that literally had 30 to 40,000 bed bugs present throughout the apartment. They were on the ceiling, they were on the walls, they covered the bed truly one of the worst infestations we have ever seen. As we were leaving the apartment I noticed that the technician that was with me had bedbugs on his back and suddenly I felt things crawling in my hair. These insects were not crawling up our legs because we were not standing still but because we were available to feed on and since the apartment had been vacant for almost 3 weeks they were actually dropping from the ceiling onto our bodies to try to get a blood meal. But do bed bugs fly-no. Thankfully they do not fly because if they did it would be a horrendous situation. We would have bed bugs everywhere. It would be in every home in every vehicle and we probably wouldn’t be able to leave our homes without being attacked. So they are bad enough with their ability to hitchhike, as well as their ability to hide. If they could fly we would be in serious trouble. They do have wing pads but they are not used.

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