Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Home remedies for bed bugs are ever-present on the internet. From Lysol to Chinchilla dust there are lots of ways people have tried to kill bed bugs. The funny thing is that most of them work top some degree. Chinchilla dust will desicate them, Lysol will kill them on contact, furniture oil, Cedar oil, even copious amounts of water will kill bed bugs. The major problem with home remedies for bed bugs is that it doesn’t kill them all. And in a lot of cases will spread bedbugs from one area to the next. So it’s not so much that home remedies do not work well it is just that the person applying the product is not knowledgeable enough about the habits and biological processes of this insect. Also a major drawback is that these insects spread out naturally and hide very well so most people don’t get all the areas that they are harboring. Here’s an example of a homemade spray that obviously works.

Again the main issue becomes getting all of them because if you leave even one female behind the infestation will just rebuild itself. That’s why a lot of cases home remedies for bed bugs are not recommended for the general consumer. Also there are some products that people are using that are just dangerous. This would include things like filter grade diatomaceous earth. First of all diatomaceous earth is been shown to be very slow in killing bedbugs but the pool grade is highly synergize and has a lot of silica makes it dangerous to breathe in. There are also people buying pesticides online and using them incorrectly by not following the label. This creates the threat of misuse and possible poisoning. Even worse are the home heaters that are being employed were people are bringing in propane fired heaters into their apartments or homes and actually burning down not only their homes and apartments but the entire building as well as damaging neighbors properties.

Notice is not to say that you cannot get rid of bed bugs on your own. If you educate yourself properly about the biological habits of this insect. If you know and learn where they hide and where they harbor. If you treat using the proper product in a painstaking process. If you employee traps like the climb – up and a handheld good-quality steamer plus use proper pesticides judiciously you can eliminate bed bugs on your own. It is just been our experience that most people do not have the patience nor do they take the time to learn what to do and how to do it and thus fail and spread it.

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