How Do You Get Bed Bugs

How do you get bed bugs is a common question asked by many of our clients. Actually it’s not that easy to answer. Bedbugs can be found in almost any venue that you have people. We know that there are primary places of infestation such as homes, hotel rooms, movie theaters, doctors offices, hospitals, restaurant booths and seating, but there are also other areas of dispersal. This would include taxicabs, restaurant seats, schools, friends and relatives homes, public transportation, movie theaters, park benches, airplane seats, and the list goes on and on. There always seems to be an uptick in bed bug related calls shortly after the major holidays. What happens is that all the family members and friends come together at someone’s house that unfortunately does not realize that they have a bed bug infestation. All the coat are placed where? They are of course place usually in the master bedroom on the bed. Everyone has a nice night takes up their coats and takes home a special bonus package of little bedbugs and the infestation moves onward and upward. These insects are very adept at hitchhiking. I know of a company that has about 50 employees there in the industry and I don’t think any of their employees go to any of the movie theaters anymore. This is because they do canine inspections of these areas and they have found so many movie theaters that are infested that it becomes really high risk in metropolitan areas to actually go take in a movie. I’ve had reports of people actually seeing bedbugs on other people in the subway. So if your jampacked with subway car 60 other people and your touching them you could get a transfer of insects over to you. Now aside from the public areas and the transference that we find their it is also quite common to get bed bugs from your neighbor. We have always thought that these insects move through wall voids, Follow conduit, get into cracks and crevices from one area to the next in all this is true but one of the more common ways for the insect the spread in apartment buildings is just by traveling down the hallway and walking under the front door.

It is been estimated that as of now there are one in five people in metropolitan areas have had bedbugs, have bed bugs or know someone that has bedbugs. That is a large percentage of the population. Unfortunately with the way that things are going these numbers do not seem like they’re going to decrease anytime soon. So maybe you should Be asking what steps you can take to catch an infestation early so that it does not cost a ton of money and a momentous amount of effort to eliminate them once you get them. Because from what the trends are showing it is only a matter of time for everyone gets these insects at one time or another.

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