Signs of Bed Bugs

signs of bed bugs near outlet signs of bed bugs on mattress signs of bed bugs on wood flooring signs of bed bugs signs of bed bugs-staining   Signs of bed bugs are not difficult to miss if you know what you were looking for. In absence of actual live insects is important to look for small black spots as you see in the above pictures. On cloth or linen these look like someone took a black felt pen and held it down a little bit too long as the stains spread out. On wood surfaces were painted surfaces they will actually feel somewhat bumpy as they are the remaining pieces of liquid blood that has dried. In very heavy infestations one of the major signs of bed bugs is a very bad odor. It is a little bit hard to describe but is soursish in nature. If you are at that point where you can actually smell them it should be quite easily determined through a quick physical inspection that bed bugs are present. Another sign to pay attention to but again as we discussed is not always a primary is the waking up with bites and there are no other insects visible such as mosquitoes, the windows and screens are intact, and you havent been outdoors lately or it is wintertime. Unexplained bites could be an indication. Couple unexplained bites with the staining that we see above And you can be pretty confident that there is an issue with bed bugs in your home or apartment. Also make sure that you are on the lookout for live insects. The best way to look for them is with a good flashlight( a very good flashlight) and start with your bed. The headboard especially should be closely inspected because 90% of the time this is where we find them. You’ll be looking into the cracks and crevices and although they may be somewhat difficult to see will be looking for signs of movement as the light penetrates these areas. You may not only see the insect but for some reason our eyes are very good at picking up movement. When in doubt as a toothpick, a thin wire, a Metro card or other thin plastic piece, to root out and investigate cracks and crevices surrounding your bed area. Of course if you believe that it may be stemming from the couch area that would be a good place to start. Couches are more challenging because there are many areas that we cannot access. Wanting to pay attention to is the wood frame area underneath the couch. Here you would look for those signs of bed bugs including telltale stains that were mentioned previously and as you can see above. In all cases whether you inspecting the bed, the couch, the areas behind pictures, photo frames, electrical outlets, perimeter of carpeting, behind mirrors, at the backs of draws and within dressers, the nightstand, the alarm clock and the list goes on – the most important thing is to be slow and methodical. Take your time remember that bedbugs are not invisible they are just really good at hiding.

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