Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Where do bed bugs hide ? This a question that we encounter quite often. And the answer is almost anywhere. Bedbugs can hide in cracks and crevices in walls ceilings and floors. They can hide in beds and box springs, stuffed animals, sheets, alarm clocks, computers, shoes, dresses, suits, nightstands, vanities, cabinets, behind screws, almost anywhere that you can think of that has a cracker crevice will allow a bedbug to hide. It is important that you check everything. As previously mentioned they are typically within 8 feet of your bed or couch if not within them directly. But they can travel from much further out. We treated one unit that was a railroad apartment that was heavily infested and while we started the heat bedbugs were seen exiting from the intercom system which was by the front door. So don’t overlook anything. Some of the more common areas that we find them are the headboards of beds, along the dust ruffle of a mattress, in the boxspring, under the tag of the mattress, in the cracks and seams and crevices of a couch or easy chair, behind photo frames especially ones with the felt coverings, and behind the frames of pictures that are hanging on the wall.signs of bed bugs near outlet Here we see a picture of an electrical outlet that obviously has bed bugs living around and under the cover. I am sure if you removed that cover you would find lots of bed bugs behind it. Nothing can be overlooked when you are searching for the places that bedbugs hide. You can also see the markings that are present on the wall in this picture and that is something to especially pay attention to. This is a telltale mark of the bed bug. It is the effused blood from pest meals that has been digested and then excreted from the body. You can find these markings also on mattresses and box springs, cracks in the floor areas that are close to the harborage points of these insects. So the answer to the question where do bed bugs hide? They hide everywhere.

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