What Is the Cost to kill bed bugs

what is the cost to kill bed bugs

Most people want to know what is the cost to kill bed bugs.

What is the cost to kill bed bugs? Prices to kill bed bugs will vary from company to company. The important thing when it comes to pricing out a bed bug job is to make sure that you have a written agreement that outlines what you would be receiving for the price that you will pay. Is there a warranty? Is there costs for additional services if needed? Are those costs at a reduced rate? How long is the warranty? What if it is determined that in adjacent unit has bedbugs or a member of the family is visiting another location that is infested? These are all things that should be addressed because we come across them quite often. On average a chemical program can run anywhere from $500-$3000 depending on the size of the unit, how many bedrooms, how many people are sleeping there on a regular basis,the length of the infestation in other words the amount of bed bugs present, the length of the warranty, the amount of clutter present, etc. Typically if you would like the company to provide preparation services that will be an extra charge.

What is the cost to kill bed bugs using Fumigation? For fumigating a small one-family house pricing can easily run $5000 or more with pricing ranging from $5-$15,000 on average. But this pretty much covers the entire job and there is almost no prep for the family in most cases most of that being provided by the service company.

What is the cost to kill bed bugs using heat? ¬†With a heat treatment or thermal remediation a studio can run $1500-$2000 depending on its location and size. If it is a house in the suburbs or an apartment in the suburbs prices are typically cheaper but if we need to work in New York City or Philadelphia pricing will be higher. This is because the of tolls, parking issues, traffic, and difficulty of access. This all adds time and thus expense to the cost of the job. On average the square foot price is going to run anywhere between two and three dollars a square foot. But this is all based again on location and difficulty of the job. Some companies are charging as little as a dollar 50 a square foot but there is no warranty whatsoever on the work provided. So if they don’t do a good job you are still paying them and if you get bed bugs again you’re pretty much out of luck. The way we run our thermal division is that we charge based on size, difficulty, location, and length of warranty. We have very many different options to fit most budgets and provide a warranteed service. Almost all our programs come with a follow-up canine inspection, at least an our of prep time, and a written warranty of at least 30 days. We have programs that extend out warranty out to a YEAR. There are no surprises in our program. Everything is written out and agreed upon prior service. We may not be the cheapest company that provides thermal remediation and chemical programs but we have one of the best reputations in the industry and we stand behind every job that we perform.

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