How to kill bed bugs with Cryonite

How to kill bed bugs with cryonite. First lure all the bed bugs to the middle of the room. Tell them to not move for 10 seconds-spray them with cryonite. This method uses CO2 dispersed as a fine mist to impinge on and kill bed bugs. All major studies show that as a stand-alone treatment Cryonite fails miserably in killing bed bugs effectively. This is because they hide so well and the cryonite cannot reach them. If you have even a single sheet of paper between the cryonite and the insect the insect will survive. So how do you kill all your bed bugs with cryonite? You can’t. You cannot kill all of the insects simply because you will not find them all. The treatment is good for topically treating items that are heat sensitive such as oil paintings, exposed surfaces and items that do not have stuffing like beds, couches and mattresses.

As you see in this video there is simply NO WAY bed bugs will be eliminated using this method. If you do decide to go this route make sure they are doing a thorough chemical application afterwards and get a warranty. How many bed bugs do you think are living out expoced on surfaces where the treatment is being ap[plied? None probably. How about hiding in the files and paperwork? Probably a lot. You should save your money and use another method.

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